Job Info

  • Location:Manchester, UK
  • Gig Type:Pub Resident DJ
  • Music:Open Format
  • Salary:£200-£250 per night

Job Description

Our client is presently looking for a DJ for work at their pub in Manchester. They would like to recruit a DJ to perform every Friday from 8pm until 12am. Music for the nights should be generic multi genre. To cover a range of styles such as dance, chart, rnb, house and anything commercial. The DJ will be up-to-date with the latest music and have a good selection of well known tracks. There are speakers already at the pub but the DJ is welcome to bring their own setup. A DJ controller (or decks) will be needed and to be supplied by the DJ. As well as being able to mix all genres of music, the new resident will have a minimum of 1 years experience. This can be at clubs, bars or pubs. The DJ will play music to suit the crowd and be able to take requests. Our client would like to view profiles and hear samples of mixing. Budget between £200-£250 per night. Please send a cover email and a price quote to apply.

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