Anton Lock

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About Anton Lock

With over 15 years experience performing as a DJ/musician on some of the biggest stages in the world including the Sydney Opera House, The Pompidou Centre Paris and the Japanese National Theatre, as well as collaborating and performing alongside world-renowned artists such as Taikoz, Cirque Du Soleil, Meryl Tankard, Eitetsu Hayashi and Kodo, Anton is known for his ability to captivate audiences through his Live-DJ/Drumming Show. Pure energy and rhythm is at the heart of Anton's performance as he seamlessly produces, samples, mixes, and plays both live instruments and electronic sounds combined with virtuosic finger drumming simultaneously. His ability to connect with the crowd is second to none leaving the audience with a "complete show" experience.

With influences including DJ Snake, Major Lazer, and Bassjackers, as well as his love of sampling and immersing himself in different musical cultures (especially the rich tapestry of rhythms from South America) Anton's music transmits energy to audience members and listeners through pulsating drum beats, Intricate tribal percussion, and resonating melodies.

Booking Info

Location: Sydney, Australia

Price Per Gig: £200 to £400 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: Corporate Events, DJ Residencies, Festivals, Nightclubs, Overseas Contracts, Promo Events

Technical Rider: CDJs, DJ Monitors, Power Outlet, Sound System

Music Genres:

  • Big Room
  • Club Anthems
  • Commercial
  • Dancehall
  • House Music
  • Moombahton

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