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2021 Guide to DJ Agencies

09 Nov 2021

Are you looking for a DJ agency or manager?

If you're reading this - you probably are. Before you start your search have a read through our guide below. You will find lots of info about DJ agencies. Including how they work and how to join one.

This guide is written by a former DJ agent (over 20 years experience) who managed lots of big names.

We hope you find the guide helpful - the DJ Hire team.

What is a DJ agency?

A DJ agency is a company who takes care of your bookings. They will handle all of your gig enquiries so you don't have to. The agent will:

  1. Handle the initial enquiry (to weed out time wasters).
  2. Negotiate your fee for performance (getting you the best price).
  3. Provide your DJ riders (such as flights, hotel, driver).
  4. Deal with all contracts (to protect you from not getting paid).
  5. Secure upfront deposits for your bookings.
  6. Take care of the payment for the gig (then send you it to you minus their %).

In addition to the above, an agency may also work out your travel itinerary and manage your gig diary. Some DJs prefer to have a manager to handle these tasks though. In this case, the manager will work with the agent.

Type of DJ agencies

There are a few different types of DJ agencies:

Celebrity / Talent: Well known booking agents such as MN2S are more like talent agencies. As well as DJs they have singers, acts and celebrities. The type of DJs they do have on their roster will cost loads to book for an event. You would expect their acts to headline festivals or big club events.

Artist agencies: An artist / music agency has a roster of the best DJs for a certain genre (such as techno). Their artists will be really well known for making music. They will get high Beatport chart places, have a big following on Spotify as well as Facebook. Some artist agencies will focus on more than one genre. You would expect to see their DJs headline clubs and be on festival line ups.

Online DJ booking: Unlike DJ agencies, this type of service will actually help their DJs get gigs. They do this by coming up high in Google for DJ related search terms. This type of service is becoming more and more popular. It's common for these services not to ask for a % of the booking fee. This is because they don't manage the DJs. Just promote and help get gigs. You have to be careful though because there are quite a few scam sites out there. Always make sure the site gets the traffic they say they do.

Local DJ agencies: This sort of company will usually have good contracts with venues in their area. If you're looking for bookings in London (for example), it may be worth finding the agents who supply DJs for venues there. They will usually have 4 or 5 DJs on their books. These DJs will work on rotation across all the venues.

Mobile DJ / Entertainment Agencies: An entertainment agency will deal with gigs at weddings and parties. They will usually have all types of entertainment available. But have a strong section of mobile DJs.

Will a DJ agency source gigs for you?

No. They would not typically source gigs for a DJ. DJ agencies tend to take on DJs who are already in high demand for gigs. The reasons for this is that they earn a % of each booking. If there's not lots of demand for a DJ, the agent won't be earning much (or anything at all). Their main job is to take care of bookings not source them. If you're looking for a DJ agency to go and get you gigs, it's not the right option for you. You should look at an online DJ booking site instead.

Do you need a DJ agency?

You will only need a DJ agent if you are successful and there is demand for you to play gigs. You may need an agent if you are a:

  1. Popular producer / DJ.
  2. Celebrity DJ.
  3. Run a successful club event (where you are resident).
  4. Resident DJ for a popular club brand (such as Hed Kandi or Space).
  5. Run a record label that's well known and has tour nights.

If you aren't one of the above, you really don't need to be looking for an agent at this time. You should work on building your name and getting DJ gigs at clubs. Learn how to produce music, become successful releasing music. That's one of the best ways to get DJ jobs. It's actually essential now to be a producer DJ full stop.

How to find a DJ agency looking for DJs?

You will not find any of the big talent or artist agencies advertising for DJs. They don't need too. Unless someone is a massive name and in demand they won't have any interest. Once someone is a big enough name and on their radar they will get in touch. The other types of agencies will advertise on their websites if they are looking for DJs. The best thing to do is a Google search. The most popular search is "DJ agency looking for DJs". Please be careful when looking online.

How to join a DJ agency?

If you're looking to join a DJ agency you will need to look at their website and see what they require. Most will require you to fill out an application form. It's not easy getting on a good roster. You will need to have a good DJ profile, lots of skill and experience. If you don't have much experience they won't be able to help you.

Top list of UK DJ agencies

DJ Hire

We are one of the world's leading booking services. We have DJs in the UK and worldwide. Our company has been in the DJ business online for 17 years. Unlike DJ agencies you can deal with the DJs direct. This means no dealing with pushy agents or paying inflated fees. You can find DJs for any type of event. For any music style. Anywhere in the world. Based in Essex, UK our company is run by a passionate team who love working in the booking industry. We have booked at over 1000 events since launching in 2004.

Start your search for a DJ here: Book a DJ

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MN2S may just be the biggest booking agency in the world. They manage and promote some of the worlds best talent. Their artist & DJ roster showcases well known producers as well as famous celebrity DJs. Each act has their own personal agent who fully manages every aspect of the booking.

As well as artist management, they offer a number of music industry services. Such as brand & social media management and label & PR services.

Some of their celebrity DJs include: Boy George, Melanie C and Kaiser Chief DJs. Their main DJ roster is a who's who's of big name DJs. Genres include chicago house, EDM and minimal techno. If you have the budget MN2S it's well worth checking them out.

Search their roster here:

Are you a DJ looking to be part of their roster? You'll have to wait until they come to you. Once you're a big name they will come calling.

Alive Network

Founded in 1999, Alive Network is a live entertainment agency who have a DJ roster. Unlike the other agencies they are more aimed towards weddings and parties. Whilst you won't find any big names, there's lots of quality acts available. If you're looking for a night of entertainment you could book it all with Alive Network. They are based in Stoke on Trent.

Search their roster here:

Looking to be on their roster as a DJ? Apply here:


Contraband are much more than just a DJ agent. They are full service entertainment & events company. If you think MN2S has some famous names, wait until you look at Contrabands roster. You can get all types of big celebrities for your event. Famous pop singers such as Lewis Capaldi & Justin Bieber for example.

But back on the DJ front you can book lots of top talent. Names include Annie Mac, CamelPhat, Dave Pearce, Mark Ronson to name but a few. Their acts are mainly for corporate events and big brands. They cater for events worldwide. Their office is in Soho, London.

Search their roster here:

Are you a DJ looking to be on their roster? Apply here:

Most Wanted

If you're looking for DJ agencies catering for hard dance genres - like hardcore and hardstyle - ,Most Wanted should be the first you look at. It's a who's who of top hard dance DJs. They can supply either DJs or MC's for events all over the world.

The company is based in the Netherlands. So are ideally placed in one of the dance meccas of Europe. Hardstyle DJs include: Act of Rage, High Voltage and Warface. Hardcore DJs include: J.D.A, Access One and Angerfist.

As well as being a DJ agency, Most Wanted can help with: Event Support, Tour Concepts and Music Marketing.

Search their DJs / artists here:

We couldn't find any way to apply to become a DJ with Most Wanted. So looks like they would have to come to you.

Elite MM

Elite Music Management have been around since the golden age of DJs and clubs - the 90's. Since their launch in 1999 they have worked with many forward thinking, cutting edge live acts and DJs. They have 5 booking agents to cover their roster and provide a high level of service to promoters and DJs.

Elite MM have a number of selling points. They have exclusive DJs and book for label collectives. They have a number of our favourite techno DJs on their roster. Such as Slam and the amazing Dax J (Dax J is superb!). As well as techno, they have two house legends available - namely Derrick Carter (Chicago house legend) and Tony Humphries (One of the pioneers of house music).

Their company is based in Brighton, UK. If you want to book top house and techno DJs. Well worth checking out - especially for Dax J!

Search their DJ roster here:

Looking to be part of their exclusive artist roster? You will have to become a big name techno or house producer first.

The Bullitt Agency

Founded back in 2000, TBA has become one of the best DJ agencies in the world. They have offices around the world. Including New York, LA and Barcelona. So they must be doing something right!

Their DJ roster is very impressive. With lots of household names. Because we love techno, the names who stood out to us were: Amelie Lens and Ben Klock. Although there's some top class house / electronic / dance DJs too. These include (the legendary) Danny Tenaglia, Dennis Ferrer and Leftwing : Kody to name but a few.

Well worth considering if you're putting on a big warehouse event.

Search their DJ roster here:

Want to be part of their roster? Like most of the others - you'll need to be a big producer with a massive social following.

Music First

It's all been mainly house and techno agents so far, but now it's time for trance. Music First are home to the biggest names and DJs in trance music. Their roster includes well known names such as John O'Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sniejder and Bryan Kearney. As well as those, they have Factor B, Craig Connelly and Shugz. When it comes to trance. You honestly won't get a better roster lineup.

Music First is based in Ireland. And is run by Neal Scarborough. If you're running a trance event or festival you'll need a good relationship with them.

Search their DJ roster here:

To get on their roster you'll need to be a big name in trance. They will come to you if you are really well known.

Active Talent

ATA are a bit like MN2s. Based in Manchester, UK - They promote some of the world's best talent on their roster. They cover lots of different music genres. Everything from EDM, house, trance to progressive. They have a dedicated team with over 30 years experience. A boutique company working with promoters around the world.

A few of the names on their roster which stood out were: Alpha 9, Sunny Lax, Alex Kidd, Sander Van Doorn, Chicane and Mauro Picotto. It's definitely a roster geared up for mainstage / festivals. As well as DJs, ATA arrange label tour nights for the likes of Cream, Rong, Spinnin' and Cafe Mambo.

Search their DJ roster:

Unfortunately you would need to be a huge name to get on their roster.

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